A Plus Day In Betting

Goal setting issues in betting

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They always remain at the top of the agenda. There is no specificity whatsoever. Since there are no clear benchmarks, no checkpoints to reach and fixate on, the game is played until the loss, when there is nothing left to bet on. And so it goes on and on. Betting, on the other hand, simply drags many people down as a process, an eternal pursuit of a phantom big score. Usually there are combinations where one likes the process of analysing and finding events, there is the idea of making money, but everything, again, is without specifics. Once the player has arrived at this course of action, some basic planning may help to establish results and make the game more enjoyable. What do our betting totals consist of? The individual game days, of course. Accordingly, if you plan a game in order, you will end up with a better balance in the long run by completing the majority of your game days successfully. Apart from that, a day that is finished in the plus brings moral satisfaction, positive emotions and a good night’s sleep. Of course, it is much more pleasant than another plum. So in this review we will talk about how to get in the plus on most game days in betting.

Range. squeeze or stretch.

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When a representative of one of the biggest bookmakers in the region was being interviewed, he was asked: what if some player is on the plus side, beats you? The bookmaker replied: it happens, but we will wait until he gains more distance and our probability advantage, due to the margin, works. And indeed, bookmakers know how to wait. It is difficult for a player to keep his concentration level for years. Once a mistake is made, the hard-earned profit will go to zero, and the balance will go into deficit. So, in that interview, the representative of the betting business unwittingly spelled out what to do to stay in profit, relative to the office. You don’t have to stretch the distance, but rather shorten it.

Surely every bettor with at least some decent experience has noticed that as soon as you do a lot of betting everything falls into a kaleidoscope of pluses and minuses, and these “swings” gradually lead to defeat. This is a manifestation of the rattling combination of long distance and betting on everything. In the circles of experts there is still a debate whether the results of betting on sports are subject to a normal Gaussian distribution. The topic is open, but even if we assume that it is, then the surest way to fall under this law is to make your betting distance close to infinity, mathematically speaking. That is, to bet a lot, on everything in a row, without much understanding of the ratio of gambling quotes and objective estimates of the probability of specific events behind them.

If you observe almost every gambler, the picture is about the same. These people tend to bet and bet, albeit in small amounts, but in many iterations. This frenetic activity, which, even in theory, does not promise any real income, gives rise to the illusion of a process that substitutes everything, including common sense. So, in this flow of betting, most will have odds with a truly objective estimate of probability. But due to the bookmaker’s margin, they will still be unprofitable. And this disadvantage will come out over a long period of time. Some sooner, some later. Also in this set of attempts some small part of bets will be at deliberately understated, overstated odds. Such bets are many times more unprofitable than previous ones and therefore they will take a player to a disadvantage even faster. And the third category is the winning bets where the Bookmaker’s wrong estimation of the probability is so high that it even exceeds the margin. In practice this is the smallest category of betting, which is made by an ordinary player, slips in his actions only occasionally, by chance, and therefore does not make the weather.

To avoid this negative pattern, you need to cut down pure betting per day, chop up the distance. Then you’ll trivially not have enough life to reach such large numbers of iterations for the normal distribution to take full effect. Plus, short range can and should be backed up with various tricks, in the form of progressive financial strategies. Pay attention to potentially profitable bets. Insure them in play. All these measures ensure more profitable days, and overall success on medium time periods, which is what you need to focus on.