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Updated Jetpack Joyride Online Mod APK Cheats, Hacks, Strategies

Download jetpack joyride online Apk mod unlimited coins:

Latest jetpack joyride online game is a perfect side-scrolling runner Apk game that is available on various platforms like Android, iOS. It supports different mobile devices such as iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows 8 Phone. It can also be played on PSP and Windows 8. If you want to play Jetpack game online, you can do this on Facebook, or you can do some other things outlined in this website to get it to run on your PC. Here is some information you can use in order to get Jetpack Joyride to work on your PC. Jetpack Joyride Mod Apk Unlimited Coins

Jetpack game online on Facebook:

You must have a Facebook account for play the jetpack joyride online game. You can create a free Facebook account. It’s free and it would only take a few minutes to sign up. After making a new account you can login and search Jetpack Joyride on the search field. Access the game to start playing.

Jetpack Joyride Online

You will play the role of Barry Steakfries who discovers a laboratory where evil scientists develop a jetpack to rule the world. You will get the jetpack and try to escape the lab. The game will automatically start upon clicking on the screen. Your character will automatically move forward. You need to control it by clicking the mouse to ascend. Let go of the mouse and your character will go down. There are various obstacles that you need to avoid, which we will discuss later. Jetpack Joyride MOD Apk Hack

The scientists will not harm you even when you run through them but they can be killed by the bullets coming from your Jetpack game. There are various power-ups that you can find in the game including different vehicles. When you ride a vehicle and you were hit by an obstacle, the vehicle will explode but you will not die as you will automatically revert to using the jetpack. But if you hit an obstacle while on a jetpack, the game will end.

Missions and Achievements: jetpack joyride online game

There are three missions given at a time and you will be given stars if you completed them. Your character will level up upon collecting a specific number of stars. You will be rewarded with coins when you level up, which you can use to purchase various equipment and utilities, as well as for upgrading your jetpacks. Achievements can also be unlocked, which will earn you trophies.

Obstacles: jetpack joyride online unblocked

There are three kinds of obstacles that you will encounter in the game. Zappers are the most common. Some of them are placed horizontally or vertically, while others are rotating so you need to be extra careful and you need to practice proper timing in order to pass through them without being hit.

Missiles are also fired from the right side of the screen. There would be a warning sign that would tell you if they are about to be fired. You will see red blinking exclamation marks so be ready. You will also see lasers appear along the way though they are not that difficult to avoid. Just keep a distance from them and you should be unharmed. However, it would be more challenging if you need to avoid these lasers while trying to prevent zappers or missiles. But with a little practice, you’ll get the right timing.

The Stash: jetpack joyride free online

The Stash is the shop in Jetpack game. By clicking on The Stash, you’ll have access to the available clothing, jetpacks, vehicle upgrade, utilities, gadgets and list of achievements. You will also see your game profile that lists your personal bests, best vehicle runs, total points, gadgets, and deaths. There is also an option to purchase coins with real cash. As mentioned, you can use the coins for purchasing items and for your upgrades. They can even be used for unlocking missions. While you can collect coins throughout the game, the cost of the items and upgrades are a bit high. If you can’t wait to collect the coins that you need, then the other choice is to make an in-app purchase, which is completely optional.

Download Jetpack Joyride Free Coins

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