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[High Score] Jetpack Joyride Tips & Tricks, Free Guide, Cheats and Hacks

Get best jetpack joyride tips, secrets, and strategies unlimited power-ups and coins:

Jetpack game online is one of the most addictive endless runners today. You’ll find yourself playing it over and over again hoping to top your own score. Furthermore, there are missions and achievements to complete, making it more challenging. Jetpack Joyride Secrets

These Jetpack Joyride tips will help you do better in the game to get a higher score.

Stay in the Middle: Best jetpack in jetpack joyride

Jetpack Joyride Tips

Holding the screen will make Barry fly with his jetpack and letting go will make him go down. Instead of staying on top or on the floor, it’s best to stay in the middle as much as possible so it will be easier for you to avoid the obstacles, especially the zappers. Jetpack Joyride Online Mod APK Cheats

These zappers are in different locations and some of them are rotating. It would be quicker to go up or down if you need to if you are in the middle.

Look Ahead: Jetpack joyride gadgets

Stay focused on the right side of the screen. While you may be tempted to look at the power-ups that you were not able to get or the coins that you were not able to collect, there’s nothing you can do about that. Looking back may even cost you your life. Jetpack Joyride for PC

As mentioned, there are various obstacles that you will encounter along the way. Aside from the zappers, there are also lasers and missiles that can take Barry down. By focusing on the right side of the screen, you have more time to decide on the right action to make thus helping you stay longer in the game.

Let Go of the Tokens: Jetpack joyride power-ups

You will encounter tokens along the game that when collected will give you a free spin, which may earn you coins or single-use power-ups in Jetpack Joyride Tips. You may also cash out for 50 coins if you don’t want to take chances as you may or may not win on your spin. Latest Jetpack Joyride Badges

A helpful tip for Jetpack game online game players is to forget about the tokens unless they are already in front of you and it’s safe to get them. Else, it’s best not to chase them as this could cause you to be hit by the obstacles.

Complete Your Missions: Jetpack joyride secrets

Three missions are given to you at a time. Take time to check on them and as much as possible, complete them. Some are easy to do so you should not have problems finishing them in Jetpack Joyride Tips.

Jetpack Joyride Secret Achievements

The reason why you need to complete your missions is that they will earn you star, which will help you level up. And when you do, you’ll get a good amount of coins that you can use for your upgrades and utilities.

Do Not Prioritize Aesthetics:

New clothing, hairstyle, and jetpacks may look cool in Jetpack Joyride Tips. However, they are purely aesthetics so they will not really help you get more coins or stay longer in the game.

Instead of using your hard earned coins on them, go for upgrades, utilities, and gadgets that will help you collect more coins or avoid obstacles better. Some of these items are hog magnet, head start, final blast, quick revive and Air Barrys. Jetpack Joyride Cheats For Android 

Take Advantage of the Vehicles:

When you see a vehicle power-up, get it as it gives extra protection. For instance, if you hit an obstacle while riding a vehicle, the game will not yet end. Instead, the vehicle will explode and you will be back to riding a jetpack. Hitting an obstacle while riding a jetpack will end the game unless you have quick revived.

Turn Off Music:

Some people prefer that music is turned on as it makes the game more challenging. However, if you are having difficulties concentrating on the game, turning off the music will help you concentrate better.

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