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[New] Jetpack Joyride Secrets, Cheats and Hacks For Android & iPhone

Find legit jetpack joyride secrets achievement and gadgets:

Get information about how to get blinged out in jetpack joyride unlimited coins and money. One of the most addictive endless runners that are available in varying platforms is Jetpack game app.

If you love playing the game, you may want to know some Jetpack Joyride secrets that your friends might not know yet. This would add up to your Jetpack Joyride knowledge and make you look like a real pro of the game and even score higher on your run. Jetpack Joyride Mod Apk For PC

Jetpack Joyride Secret Achievements: Secrets in jetpack joyride

Jetpack Joyride Secrets

There are jetpack joyride all secret achievements in Jetpack game that do not come with information on how to complete them. But there they are:

  • Blinged Out – purchase a golden vehicle
  • Pretty Woman – purchase matching set of clothing like a tap hat and a classy suit
  • Tee Hee Two – collect 69 coins in a single run
  • Walkies – run 10km with Flash

Keep Scoring After You Die: Jetpack joyride secrets and cheats

While the game should end when you die, there are single-use utilities that you can purchase to keep you scoring even after you die. One is Final Blast and another one is Single Revive. However, they do not come cheap so make sure to save on your coins. Jetpack Joyride MOD Apk Hack

Final Blast activates after you die and it will let you fly a few more meters thus giving you additional score.

Single Revive, on the other hand, will give you another jetpack so you can continue playing the game. Final Blast costs 4,000 coins, while Single Revive costs 10,000 coins. You can purchase them by going to The Stash then Utilities.

Play with Your Index Finger: Jetpack joyride secret entrance

People have various styles of playing. But the best way to play the game is by holding your mobile device with your left hand and using your right index finger for tapping on the screen to control when Barry ascends and descends. This will make it easier for you to make the right moves, preventing you from being hit by obstacles.

Clothing and Jetpacks from the Stash Do Not Have Special Powers:

The clothing and jetpacks that you can purchase from the Stash are purely for aesthetic appeal. They do not give you special powers or abilities so it’s best to save your coins for vehicle upgrades, gadgets, and utilities. Also, Flash the dog, that comes with one of the vehicle upgrades is no longer just there to follow you. It’s there to collect coins as well. Jetpack Joyride Mod Apk Update

Speed Increase: Jetpack joyride secret button

Jetpack game online increases speed level after reaching specific distance. But it becomes faster if you use a hog or a teleporter. The speed will go back to normal after reaching 70 meters or when you get another vehicle. So if the speed is already fast, you may want to pass on the hog or teleporter when you see them as this would make the game even faster.

Winning the Slot:

Playing the slot is a gamble. You may cash out with 50 coins if you don’t want to risk your winnings. However, if you prefer to take chances, pulling the level immediately as soon as the machine tells you to do so increases the chance of winning by 15%. Jetpack Joyride Tips

This may not guarantee you to get a combination but there’s a greater possibility that you might. If you were not able to pull the lever sooner, there’s still another secret of improving the chance of getting the right combination. That’s by pulling the level when the fifth arrow on the right side of the lever lights up. Again, this does not ensure that you will win but you will get a better chance.

Getting Closer to Zappers:

There are missions that would require you to be almost hit by the obstacles. This means that you need to get closer to them. But how can you do this without being killed? Teleporter and Mr. Cuddles come in handy for this type of mission. Jetpack Joyride Review

These vehicles lower damage range so you can safely get closer to the zappers without getting hit. You can get these vehicles by going to the Stash then Vehicle Upgrades. They cost 5,000 coins each.

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