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Latest Jetpack Joyride Badges Cheats, Hacks, Hints, Guide [Unlimited Everything]

Get best jetpack joyride badges free walkthroughs unlock missions and levels:

Jetpack game gives you 3 missions at a time that you need to complete in order to increase your rank. There are 15 ranks to complete and once you reached the highest rank, you will be given the option to cash in with coins or save for later and you will be given a badge as a reward for completing all ranks.

You will then go back to rank 1 and will be given missions until you reach rank 15 again. The jetpacks, coins, and upgrades you earned will not be removed. There are a total of 125 Jetpack Joyride Badges to collect. So you need to complete all 15 ranks 125 times in order to collect all the badges in the game.

Jetpack Joyride Badges

List of Badges in Jetpack game: Jetpack joyride highest level

Below is the full list of badges that you can get in the game. You will get a random badge after completing a rank. After collecting all 125 badges, you can still keep going with your missions and you will still get a badge after reaching rank 15. However, the badge would just be the same.

  1. Lonely Badge of Singularity
  2. Double Badge of Rainbows
  3. Sleepy Badge of Naps
  4. Quadruple Badge of Bypass
  5. Funky Badge of Jazz
  6. Delicious Badge of Custard
  7. Not So Lucky Badge
  8. Prestigious Badge of Bacon
  9. Sparkly Badge of Learning
  10. New Badge of Double Digits
  11. Annual Badge of Celebration
  12. Dogs Badge of Walks
  13. Super Lucky Badge
  14. Adventurous Badge of Travel
  15. Shiny Badge of Honor
  16. Shiny Badge of Completion
  17. Shiny Badge of Achievement
  18. Momentous Badge of Age
  19. Shiny Badge of Excellence
  20. Shiny Badge of Courage
  21. Tipsy Badge of Celebration
  22. Shiny Badge of Persistence
  23. Shiny Badge of Resilience
  24. Shiny Badge of Skill
  25. Shiny Badge of Accomplishment
  26. Shiny Badge of Dexterity
  27. Shiny Badge of Technique
  28. Shiny Badge of Prowess
  29. Shiny Badge of Finesse
  30. Shiny Badge of Aptitude
  31. Shiny Badge of Talent
  32. Shiny Badge of Sparkles
  33. Shiny Badge of Greatness
  34. Golden Frothing Badge
  35. Shiny Badge of Deliciousness
  36. Shiny Badge of Curiosity
  37. Shiny Badge of Inspiration
  38. Shiny Badge of Love
  39. Shiny Badge of Creativity
  40. Crisis Badge of Midlife
  41. Shiny Badge of Brilliance
  42. Badge of Meaning
  43. Shiny Badge of Delight
  44. Shiny Badge of Superiority
  45. Great Badge of Honor
  46. Great Badge of Completion
  47. Great Badge of Achievement
  48. Great Badge of Excellence
  49. Great Badge of Courage
  50. Great Badge of Persistence
  51. Great Badge of Resilience
  52. Great Badge of Skill
  53. Great Badge of Accomplishment
  54. Great Badge of Dexterity
  55. Ominous Badge of Assassination
  56. Great Badge of Technique
  57. Great Badge of Prowess
  58. Great Badge of Finesse
  59. Great Badge of Aptitude
  60. Great Badge of Talent
  61. Great Badge of Sparkles
  62. Great Badge of Greatness
  63. Great Badge Of Deliciousness
  64. Great Badge of Curiosity
  65. Great Badge of Inspiration
  66. Great Badge of Love
  67. Great Badge of Creativity
  68. Great Badge of Brilliance
  69. Racy Badge of Controversy
  70. Great Badge of Delight
  71. Great Badge of Superiority
  72. Special Badge of Honor
  73. Special Badge of Completion
  74. Special Badge of Achievement
  75. Special Badge of Excellence
  76. Special Badge of Courage
  77. Special Badge of Persistence
  78. Special Badge of Resilience
  79. Special Badge of Skill
  80. Special Badge of Accomplishment
  81. Special Badge of Dexterity
  82. Special Badge of Technique
  83. Special Badge of Prowess
  84. Best Badge of Birth
  85. Special Badge of Finesse
  86. Funny Green Badge
  87. Special Badge of Aptitude
  88. Special Badge of Talent
  89. Special Badge of Sparkles
  90. Special Badge of Greatness
  91. Special Badge of Deliciousness
  92. Special Badge of Curiosity
  93. Special Badge of Inspiration
  94. Special Badge of Love
  95. Special Badge of Creativity
  96. Special Badge of Brilliance
  97. Special Badge of Delight
  98. Special Badge of Superiority
  99. Devastating Badge of Bradman
  100. Badge of the Centurion
  101. Last Badge of the Collection
  102. Shiny Badge of Spotted Dogs
  103. Awesome Badge of Awesomeness
  104. Heroic Badge of Heroes
  105. Glorious Badge of Glory
  106. Wonderful Badge of Wonder
  107. Great Badge of Greatness
  108. Amazing Badge of Amazement
  109. Familiar Badge of Imagery
  110. Brave Badge of Bravery
  111. Lucky Badge of Luck
  112. Prestigious Badge of Prestige
  113. Honorable Badge of Honor
  114. Warm Badge of Summer
  115. Freezing Badge of Winter
  116. Historic Badge of Fruit
  117. Historic Badge of Sensei
  118. Historic Badge of Raskullyness
  119. Historic Badge of Zombies
  120. Historic Badge of Echoes
  121. Historic Badge of Racing Rockets
  122. Historic Badge of Blasting Off
  123. Woody’s Badge of Programming
  124. Sierra’s Badge of Art
  125. Muscat’s Badge of Design

Jetpack Game Missions: Jetpack joyride missions


There are various missions in the game but they usually let you do the same task only with a different value of coins, distance or time.

  • Break a hole in the wall for a specific amount of time
  • Brush past a certain amount of red flashing lights in a single run
  • Brush past given amount of red flashing lights
  • Buy and utilize a Final Blast
  • Buy and utilize a Head Start
  • Buy and utilize the Nerd Repellant gadget
  • Buy something from The Stash
  • Change the gravity for a number of time in one run using the Gravity Suit
  • Collect a certain amount of spin tokens in a single run
  • Collect a certain number of spin tokens
  • Collect a specific amount of groups of coins
  • Collect given amount of coins in a single run
  • Collect given number of full groups of coins
  • Destroy a certain vehicle within the given period
  • Fly over the given number of zappers
  • Have a near miss with a Missile for a no of time
  • Have a near miss with a missile for a number of time in a single run
  • Have a near miss with Zappers for a specific number of time
  • Have a near miss with zappers for a specific number of time in a single run
  • High five given number of scientists in a single run
  • High five given number of scientists
  • Play the game for a specific number of times
  • Reach specific distance
  • Reach specific distance using a certain vehicle
  • Reach specific distance using any vehicle
  • Reach specific distance using only a jetpack
  • Reach specific distance without getting any coins
  • Reach specific distance without harming any scientist
  • Reach specific distance without touching the floor or roof
  • Reach specific distance without using the Machine Gun Jetpack
  • Rub your head on the roof for the given distance
  • Run specific distance on foot
  • Run given distance in a certain vehicle in one game
  • Travel the total distance provided
  • The zigzag past specific number of zappers

Download Jetpack Joyride Free Coins

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