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Jetpack Joyride Secret Achievements Unlimted [Coins & Money] (Update)

Get latest jetpack joyride achievements for Android/iOS:

Getting the highest possible score in your run is the main goal of Jetpack game. But it also has achievements that you can complete. This will give you points to make it on top of the leader-board. Here is a list of the Jetpack Joyride achievements and how to complete them.

Alpha Charlie Echo

Reach over 25 kilometers.

Gold Digger

Get 20 coins while dead to complete this achievement. When you die, your character will bounce and roll giving you a chance to get more coins. You may use the Insta-Ball gadget that you can purchase on the stash as you will bounce four times when you hit an obstacle with it.

Thus, you can easily collect the coins you need. Also, you don’t have to get all coins in a single run as the amount you collected after dying will be added until you get 20 coins.

Not So Green

Finish 10 missions in the game and you will unlock this achievement.

For Science

Take down more than 1000 scientists for this achievement. You need to hit them using your jetpack or vehicle as passing through them on the floor is not counted. Jetpack Joyride Review

Fuzzy Locks

Get fried 99 times from zappers or lasers. You will be able to unlock this for sure after several runs.


Complete 40 missions on the game and you will have this Jetpack Joyride Secret Achievements.

Jetpack Joyride Secret Achievements

Buy a matching outfit for Barry. Go to the stash and tap on clothing. The items next to each other are a pair. For instance, you may choose the Fragger Helpmet and Fragger Fatigue or Kingly Crown and Royal Robes.

Tee Hee Two

Collect 69 coins in a single run to get this achievement on Jetpack game Yes, it needs to be exact. This includes the coins you earn for your spin. If you didn’t get any token on the run, have your character killed upon reaching 69 coins. If you got a token, collect 19 coins and cash out your spin as it’s worth 50 coins.

Blinged Out

Buy any of the golden vehicle upgrades, which you can find on the stash.

Spice of Life

Ride all 6 vehicles in the game including Crazy Freaking Teleporter, Lil Stomper, Bad as Hog, Gravity Suit, Profit Bird, and Cuddles.

Romeo Alpha Delta

Reach over 5 kilometers in a single run. Revives are important on this achievement as you can continue the game after being killed.


This is a bit challenging as you need to reach 200 meters no more, no less in a single run. You may try hitting an obstacle when you’re at 175 meters as Barry will still slide a few meters after this, which will be counted on your final score.

James Who?

Purchase 2 jetpacks, which can be found on the stash.

Crazy Freaking Skills

Use Crazy Freaking Teleporter continuously and reach over 800 meters.

A Man, My Son


To get this achievement, you need to get to the highest rank in the game; that’s by completing all missions. There are three missions given each time you play. You will earn stars for doing them, which will help you level up. Work it from rank 1 or the beginner level all the way to rank 15 or Barry. When you finish all missions on the last rank, start all over again. You will go back to rank 1 but everything you purchase will still be there.

Class Act

Equip Barry with a traditional jetpack, paired with a top hat and classic suit; and reach over 1 kilometer.


Reach 2 kilometers without touching anything including tokens, coins, and scientists.

Happy Snap

After completing a run, click the picture of Barry on the summary window and choose share. There is no need to actually share the image as the achievement will be unlocked upon selecting the share button.


Buy a gift token from the stash and equip your character with it. But do not get it when it shows on the run in order to unlock this achievement.


Reach 10 km with Flash, which you can purchase under gadgets on the stash. It doesn’t need to be completed in a single run as your score will be added on each run until you achieve the required distance.

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